Sachin Rohilla

Singer & Violinist, Songwriter & Actor, Musician & Composer

Sachin is a multitalented actor and musician, who does all his work with passion and dedication. Owing allegiance of ‘Senia Gharana’ he play the North Indian Hindustani classical violin. He is one of the senior Disciple of Shri Sharat Chandra Srivastava and started learning violin at the age of 16. Under his guru’s guidance he learnt the rare understanding of the’Dhrupad-Ang’, a unique style of this Gharana under the Guru-ShishyaParampara.

He is a Graduate in Music (H.) with distinction from Delhi University and a gold medalist in Post-Graduation from Indira Kala Sangeet University. He is holding a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in the field of Indian classical violin.He is a recipient of the National Scholarship& fellowship from Sahitya Kala Parishadand Junior Research Fellowship in the field of music, given by the govt. of India.

He is one of the participant who got selected in the biggest Folk festival called ETHNO in 2012 in Sweden and in 2014 in India, Belgium and Germany. He got selected amongst 800 Indian Artist through a tough procedure and the European government sponsored him as a participant and there he represented India at an international level. After learning and sharing music, culture and values with the international delegation he made his own folk band called “World Folk Ensemble” in the year 2012, in which Sachin play folk tunes from countries worldwide. He is the founder and Director of this project and taken the initiative to spread the folk music of the world in India at a big level.

In 2009 he got an opportunity to take part in a TV reality show called Rock On, which was air on national television from Sep. 2009 to Dec. 2009 and his band “Saadhak” won that show and he was a proud founder member of the band. Hehas been active in the performing circuit from past 12 years and also performed with famous fusion band like “Mrigya” and “Them Clones”. He has also played in a United Nations Orchestra concert held in Delhi on 18th September 2010 with 90 Musicians from all over India. He is also a part of the NGO called “Eklavya” where he teaches Music to the slum children.

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